Five tips for choosing the best care home in Shirebrook


One of the most difficult decisions that a son or daughter will ever have to make is whether they should move their elderly parent into a care home or let them stay at home. And if the care home option is chosen, families face the daunting task of choosing the best care home for their parents.

But how can they be sure that they will find a caring home, with staff who treat residents with dignity and respect? And will their loved one be happy in their chosen care home?

Thankfully, there are many helpful tools available to check the credentials of a care home and to give a feel for the ambience of that home.

Families looking for the best care home in Shirebrook have several options. Here are our top five tips for picking the right one:


1. Check the CQC inspection reports

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is an independent regulator of health and social care in England. The CQC produces a report on every care home in the UK.

These reports are easy to find and easy to understand. They describe the good practice that the CQC finds, as well as any concerns that they may have.

As part of their review, the CQC speak to residents, as well as staff, to give a rounded synopsis of every care home. Each report includes sound bites following their inspection of the home.

Homes are given a rating, and those with a Good or Outstanding rating show that the care home is performing well and meeting expectations. You can check the ratings for Shirebrook care homes here.


2. Read the online reviews

Online reviews are extremely influential in our decision making today. Whether choosing a book, a bank, a restaurant – or a care home.

A good care home will have lots of positive reviews; choosing a care home is an emotional decision, and therefore families often share their experiences online.

When searching for the best care home in Shirebrook, look at Google and Facebook reviews. The website,, is also an excellent place to look.

Reviewers on can rate a care home and say how likely they are to recommend that care home to others. Both the care home and the reviewer provide information on this website that is hugely beneficial to those conducting research.


3. Get a feel for the home through social media

There is no quicker way to get a feel for a care home than to look on social media. A quick scroll through Facebook or Instagram gives an instant feel for the enthusiasm of the staff, and the happiness of residents.

A proactive care home will regularly post about the activities within their home – to reassure the loved ones of those who live there. They will host regular events and post service announcements on their social accounts.

Some social media posts by care homes cannot hide their compassion and fondness for their residents. This is worth considering when looking for the best care home in Shirebrook for your loved one.

Not all elderly relatives are interested in socialising, while others will be more gregarious. A great care home will cater to both types of individuals, and this should be evident in their social media posts.


4. Explore the websites of care homes in Shirebrook

A good care home will update their website regularly and include lots of useful information that will help families to make their choice.

A care home that is willing to share copies of their contracts, documentation, and fees on their website has confidence in what they offer. Transparency is a great sign.

Websites are also a useful place to check for news updates from the home. What has been happening at the home recently? Have they been nominated for any awards? Have they posted some positive testimonials?

And if the care home publishes a newsletter, look to download copies from the website for further insight into that home.


5. Arrange a visit

Although it’s not possible to visit a care home in person at the moment due to COVID-19, care homes, such as Richmond Care Home in Shirebrook, offer virtual visits for prospective residents and their families.

It’s a good sign if care homes actively encourage visitors to tour the home. This welcoming approach is a good indicator of the warmth of the staff at the home. Care home managers who have pride in their home will be eager to show visitors around once care homes re-open.

And visiting a care home is the ideal way to picture a loved one within that environment. Would your relative fit in? Is the care home warm and welcoming? Will your loved one’s needs be met?

A good care home manager will take the time to sit with the families of potential residents and listen to their needs and concerns.

And a welcoming care home will invite families to observe the home’s daily routine, giving them the greatest chance of selecting the best care home in Shirebrook for their loved one.

It’s a good idea to draw up a shortlist now, in preparation for when care homes reopen.


The importance of finding the correct care home for a family member cannot be underestimated. And thankfully there are many ways to conduct research on a care home before deciding.

Using these methods to make the right choice will help the resident to settle quickly. And in turn, families will be able to relax, knowing that their parent is happy, safe, and well cared for.


Richmond Care Home in Shirebrook, Mansfield is a thriving, family-run home. If you would like to know more about our care home, please call us on 01623 748474 or email



Posted on 7th August 2020

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